Fatten Little Dragons in the Dragon Feast Slot!

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If you are a dragon dealer at heart, listen up. We have something new for you in our lobby – the slot game Dragon Feast. It is a free spins fantasy with three fat (and cute) fire-breathing hatchlings at its core. Plus, they’re full of festive surprises at Golden Euro online casino!

Goodness Gracious! Gobstoppers Are the Key

Feed the little fellas with gobstoppers of coloured candy and see what you get in return. How about fluid Free Games or extra spins with Wild wins or a chance to win one of five yummy Jackpots? If you would instead circumvent the feeding frenzy, there are Mystery symbols capable of morphing into just about anything! That dear gamers, is the new slot game Dragon Feast in a nutshell – and it is soon live at Golden Euro Casino!

Here is the deal, people:

You do not have to be a knight in shiny armour to chase dragons online, even small dragons! The only thing you need is a gaming device. A PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone will do. Along with the gear, the only other requirement is an active and funded Golden Euro Casino account. After that, it then is up to luck, the candy symbols and the dragons at the Dragon Feast game!

Bet Big or Bet Small

As with all slot machines, the more money you feed in, the more money you’ll get out. You can bet a few coins or go all-in with your coins. The trick is to land as many identical symbols sets on the five-reel and 25-payline gaming interface. That way, there is always a steady flow of cash going into your account to plug the hole of bets going out!

Do you have the stuffing to drop dragons on the reels without dying of fright? Do you think you're patient enough to collect the exquisite candies to unlock a bonus bonanza? If the answer is ‘yes’, register an account and play Dragon Feast today. It is available in the real money and demo modes!

Dragons Payout Plenty

Dragons typically strike fear in the heart. They are depicted as nasty, scaly creatures with long tails, tiny wings and sharp claws. In the Dragon Feast slot, our little dragons are plump and pretty in a goggle-eyed kind of way. They perch above the 5x3 gameboard, displaying their wares.

The adorable dragons also populate the reels, wearing crowns, blowing out birthday candles and bearing gifts and balloons. They are the character symbols in the Dragon Feast slot and they pay out… a lot!

Besides the dragon-induced prizes, candy in all shapes, sizes and colours can trigger a Free Spins fiesta. Gobstoppers, smarties and lollipops randomly appear on the gameboard. They hog the same reel position as any of the standard symbols. Our blue, pink and green dragons collect candies matching their colour to deliver the bonus round in the game.

Playing card ranks make up the rest of the standard symbol set. They are the high-hit frequency reel fillers. Their role is to maintain a steady cash flow to keep your Casino account in positive territory!

screenshot of the "Dragon Feast" slot game field. Lots of bright colors, cartoon symbols and dragons

Bonus Symbols

A conventional Wild symbol boosts the payout rate in the deliciously tasty dragon-themed slot. It stands for all the other base game icons to deliver copious line wins. The Wild is impossible to miss... It is the gift package with a WILD wraparound!

The tile with the question mark and the balloons is the Mystery symbol. It is a versatile special effect that can mutate into a Wild or any other random symbol. When that happens, the probability of winning a prize as fat as the little dragons is sky-high!

Free Spins With and Without Enhancements!

Only the one bonus round in the Dragon Feast slot may be misconstrued as stingy. Well, it is not. There are three Free Games modes, each assigned to a cute toothy creatures. Free Spins modes are colour-dependent and triggered by one or more candies.

Blue candies unlock Free Games. In this mode, you are awarded the same number of Free Spins accumulated by the blue dragon and displayed onscreen.

Pink candies activate seven Free Games plus the chance of scooping up one of five Jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major, Maxi and Grand! Current jackpot prizes are visible to the left of the gameboard.

Green candies trigger seven Free Games. This time, the enhancements are Wild symbols matching the number of accumulated candies!

What is the common denominator in all three Free Spins modes? You can hit a hot streak of back-to-back wins and win up to 1,000 times the triggering line bet! Lest one forgets, the bonus action is FREE, gratis and for nothing!

Simple, Effortless and FUN!

The bonus mechanics may appear complicated, but in fact, it is easy as all you have to do is spin. There’s no need to keep tabs open – or even understand the nuts and bolts behind the features! This is because bonus rounds unfold automatically, as standard gameplay does. That is the beauty of playing slots online at Golden Euro Casino. It is an easy, effortless, and FUN way of winning a few Euro here and there!

Can you fatten little hatchlings and win a small fortune? The only sure way of knowing is to sign up, bet and play. After all, the dragons in the Dragon Feast slot symbolise wealth, power and good fortune!