Set Sail for Adventure with the Legend of the High Seas Online Slot!

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Set sail with Captain Redbeard and his merry band of pirates (skeletons?) in this new Legend of the High Seas online slot.

When you click into your Golden Euro Casino account you’ll find yourself faced with the opportunity to set out on a quest for fun-filled gaming entertainment and real money prizes. Play Legend of the High Seas at the Golden Euro online casino where you’ll find lucrative bonus give-aways to add on to the game’s regular game payouts, bonus game wins and jackpot rewards.

Swashbuckling Action with Legend of the High Seas!

Get ready to wave the Jolly Roger as you join a band of buccaneers as they set out to plunder treasures from the high seas. The marauders haul in so much treasure that they have to bury it and that’s where you come in – as you spin the reels of this five-reel, 20 payline slot machine you’ll be aiming to uncover the wealth which includes gold coins, gemstones and other assets.

Features Unlock the Riches

Legend of the High Seas takes you on an adventure through treacherous waters to search for the fortunes buried along the seacoast around the world. You’ll have a chance to explore the golden age of piracy as you travel around the Caribbean on your search for matching symbols and real money prizes.

As the reels spin the scallywags will unleash a chest-full of regular game symbols, special symbols and bonus games to help you on your way as you uncover your cash wins. All of the action takes place on the privateer’s vessel so you can always be watching the horizon in your search for the chests of gold.

Game Features

Ahoy! As the reels start spinning on this adventure-themed slot you’ll see the pirates’ pet parrot as well as maps, hooks, treasure chests and colored letters and numbers which give you the chance to score more wins and increase your take-home haul. Throughout the spins you need to keep an eye out for Captain Redbeard who is very protective of his ill-gotten gains – if he spots you digging for his buried treasure, you may be swinging from the yardarm before breakfast!

Wild Redbeard!

Redbeard is the game Wild. His symbol substitutes for other symbols to create matching paylines and trigger winning payouts. The Redbeard symbol appears randomly so you never know where and when he may be lurking around the corner. When he does appear, he not only completes the paylines but he doubles the payout of any payline in which he emerges.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol is the Legend of the High Seas’ logo. Three Scatters, popping up on the reels in any pattern, on any paylines, deliver a Scatter combination payout. You can calculate the scatter combination payout by calculating the win based on the regular game bet that you placed on the regular game spin.

Free Spins

When the three scatters appear, they trigger the free spins round. You are taken out of the base game and into the free spins game where you are invited to spin the reels for free. All free spins wins are calculated by the regular game bet that enabled the free spins.

Hoist the Jolly Roger because the free spins fun doesn’t end there! If three scatters appear on a free spin, your ENTIRE free spins game retriggers, giving you an additional 15 free spins ON TOP of the free spins that you had originally. The free spins can retrigger endlessly so you can spin the reels for free and take home the real money wins over and over again!

All Free Spins wins are multiplied x3. Play your luck right and you might be spinning real money spins over and over again!

Jackpot Bonanza

The marauding buccaneers have one more surprise for adventuring treasure-seekers – a progressive jackpot that you can win by simply achieving 5 matching jackpot symbols on the paylines. The progressive jackpot is called “progressive” because, every time someone in the world plays it makes a progressive jackpot deposit, and that deposit is placed onto the jackpot.

As you play, thousands of other players around the world are also vying for the jackpot prize. If your spin is the spin that triggers the jackpot prize, you collect all the booty!  And we're talkin' thousands!


Ahoy you landblubbers! With multiple betting options, multipliers, bonus features, free spins, both mobile and PC platforms and a big jackpot prize, you’ll enjoy a winning slot adventure when you play Legend of the High Seas for free or for real money prizes at the Golden Euro Casino.