Conjure Mega Wins for FREE in Magic Forest: Spellbound Slot

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Summon the spell books to unleash a small fortune on the reels. Magic Forest: Spellbound has entered the casino lobby and is ready to drag you into slumps of massive winnings!

The SpinLogic Gaming slot is not all fascination, fairy dust and illusion. Anything but! The frequency of the free games feature suggests there is genuine sorcery at work on the grid. It is a 243 pay way extravaganza that takes you into the realms of fantasy no where else than here at Golden Euro Casino.

Take a two-way functioning wild and top 2,000 x prize into account and here is a quick prediction. When you play Magic Forest: Spellbound slot at Golden Euro Online Casino, the odds are you’ll not so much be bewitched than marginally richer!

Super-High Free Games Hit Frequency

How do we know the powers of wizardry are being used in Magic Forest: Spellbound slot machine? The first clue is obvious. It is the inclusion of a wizard in the symbol set!

The second indication is the unusually rapid activation of the free games feature. Here is what you can expect:

  • A good chance of unlocking three or even four free game features over a gaming session   
  • A relatively short hiatus between complimentary game rounds  
  • A medium to high probability of retriggering the feature

All that adds up to just one possible outcome. When you play Magic Forest: Spellbound online slot you can literally rake in tons of cash – compliments of Golden Euro Casino. Why tons of cash?

The free games round has an added surprise. It is boosted by a cascading wins feature with escalating prize multipliers. We all know what that means – a steady stream of successive, incrementally richer bonus payouts!

Two-Way Working Wilds to Pump Up the Payout Rate

In Magic Forest: Spellbound slot the fiery phoenix is the wild symbol. In this game the wild does not generate any payouts of its own. To compensate for its frugality the phoenix performs two distinct roles on the grid.

In its standard guise, the wild is spun onto the reels like any other symbol. Its job is similar to that of a wild card or joker - to complete paying patterns on the game board. The only proviso is the wild must be on the same pay way as the partially achieved win.

In its second form, the wild is not dropped onto the grid. Random symbols automatically mutate into the flaming phoenix instead. This is the bursting wild feature in action and one that can unlock pay way wins FOR FREE!

Bursting wilds only occur sporadically during the base game. You know they are pending when the outer rim of the grid lights up. When that happens, there is a good chance of a few Euros rolling into your online casino account!

Magic Forest:Spellbound slot screenshot with the magical fairy, the ogre, potion and gem shaped low paying symbols

Free Games with Cascading Multiplier-Enriched Pay Way Wins

Play Magic Forest: Spellbound slot game online and you will soon discover a few free games facts. The first fact is the extraordinarily quick time it takes to unlock the feature. We have already covered all that.

The second fact pertains to the quantity of free games. In this 5x3 slot game there are 15, 30 or even 60 free games up for grabs. That is a heap of gratis game time triggered by 3, 4 or 5 spell book scatters, respectively.

The third fact is free games are not simply unpaid spins. They are juiced up drops that really can deliver lots and lots of money. The reason?

When a paying combination is achieved, the winnings are paid out and the matching symbols dissolve in a puff of smoke. A new set of random symbols slot into place. If that set forms a payout permutation, the theatrics recur until there are no new winning combos on the grid.

What that means is you can scoop up four or more successive prizes on one free spin. Now for the kicker, folks. There is a 2 x multiplier assigned to the first cascade. It jumps in value by a factor of 1 – up to 5 x – every time a new paying pattern forms!

We know all good things come in three but when magic is involved you might make them four. The fourth, and last fact is that you may retrigger the free games depending on the amount of spell books you trigger on the bonus round grid!

Get Payouts that Jump in Value… For FREE!

Consider this. At 500 x the total bet, the wizard is the top-paying symbol in the Magic Forest: Spellbound video slot. The fairy and ogre deliver up to 250 x and 125 x, respectively. The cottage and bottle of potion offer up to 100 x for 5-of-a-kind.

Even with the 3 x multiplier in action, the picture changes dramatically. Payouts jump to 300 x for the lowest paying symbols quoted above. The rest offer prizes of 375 x through to 1,500 x the total wager.

Due to the magic of the multipliers, you can assume the 2,000 x maximum win is achievable during free games. What is that in real money?

A few quick calculations reveal a lump sum of $500. Better still, it is an instant cash prize that you can scoop up for no monetary outlay at all! How is that for a bit of alchemy?

Enjoy Animated Action and Interactive Bonus Rounds

Magic Forest: Spellbound slot is one of those deceptive online casino games. At first glance, it appears ordinary at best. Give it a full go and you will soon be pleasantly surprised.

What are the factors that are sure to turn occasional players into avid fans? We have delved into the free games feature ad nauseum, but it is still the signature feature in the game by far. Then there is the phoenix wild.

In this game, the wild has a very high profile. In other words, it always seems to be hanging about completing payline wins. What that means is the wild is instrumental in supplementing the balance in your Golden Euro Casino account.

Then there are the pay way wins themselves. They occur every few spins, sometimes in successive spurts. All these factors contribute to our final conclusion.

When you register an account at Golden Euro and play Magic Forest: Spellbound slot your bankroll is destined to last longer. If you are lucky, you may end the gaming session with money in the pocket! Who wouldn’t be delighted with the prospect of ‘cash to go’!