A Menagerie of Pyramid Pets to Trigger Wins!

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All hail to the small Egyptian cuties in blue, green, orange, and red. They are the key characters in Pyramid Pets. Fear not, gamers. That is not a reference to an ancient dog pound or multilevel cattery for divine felines.

It is a fresh new 5-reel and 20-line video slot that has burst into the lobby of Golden Euro Casino. When the cute little characters form clowders, packs, and flocks on the reels, money is coming your way – and it is not in one-off sums. It is in waves, cascading waves!

Throw in a gift from the great Pharoah himself, and guess what? Cents can turn into euros and dimes into dollars. The reason is a multiplier effect that maxes out at 15 x!

Get Cascades of Cash on One Paid Spin

How do you unlock the loot in Pyramid Pets slot machine? That is easy. You register an account at Golden Euro Casino.

Once you have grabbed a welcome bonus and added it to your betting funds, you smash the Pyramid Pets game tile – but avoid using a sledge hammer! A quick tap or click will do. Or simply log into your existing account, redeem a boosting deposit bonus and head to the lobby.

That will release a menagerie of heavily bejewelled cats, dogs and birds on the reels. They are the Pyramid Pets, the creatures programmed to pay out cash prizes.

Pets are not alone in delivering the loot. Iconic symbols of Ancient Egypt – the Eye of Horus, scarab beetle and ankh – can do their thing but at a reduced rate!

In this Golden Euro online slot, the signature feature is immediately evident. It is active from the moment you bet and spin. You will know it is happening when the winning symbols explode in a dazzle of light and a new set of tiles falls into place.

That, gamers, is the cascading wins feature in action. It occurs on every paying spin in both the base game and the free games round. Provided there are matching combos on an active bet line, payouts leap from the pay table directly into your Golden Euro Casino account.

In this fab little SpinLogic Gaming slot you can win three, four or even five times back-to-back. What is even more gratifying is multiple wins can and do happen on just one paid spin. In other words, the moment the game tiles start exploding, you are gaining successive payouts for FREE!

Screenshot of the Pyramid Pets Slot field at Golden Euro Casino

Multipliers are Perennially In-Play to Boost the Win Percentage

If cascading payline wins are not enough to whet the gaming appetite, don’t walk away. The dev boys have tossed a few multipliers into the mix. The result? A rampant, ramped-up way to win that is always in play.

In Pyramid Pets online slot concurrent payline wins unleash escalating prize multipliers on the reels. In the base game, the multiplier starts at 1 x and rises to 2 x, 3 x and the maximum 5 x on the first, second and third cascade.

Take a top prize of 2,500 x the line bet into account and it is possible to bank five times that. Do the sums and that means there is up to 12,500 x lurking on the game board. The rest of the menagerie generates prizes ranging from 200 x to 1,000 x for 5-of-a-kind.

When the max 5 x multiplier is in play, it powers up the prizes to 1,000 x and 5,000 x respectively. What does a quick mental calculation reveal? It is possible to win $250 through to $1,250 when the green cat, golden dog and blue bird strut their stuff.

Even the low-paying game tiles in Pyramid Pets online slot are significantly more rewarding, thanks to the multiplier effect. The Eye of Horus, scarab beetle and ankh offer a top prize of 100 x, 75 x and 50 x for a five-symbol configuration. Throw in a 5 x booster and winnings soar to to 500 x, 375 x and 250 x a pop.

What is that in terms of real money? Possible payouts for the high-hit frequency reel fillers range from $62,50 to $125. Trigger the free games round and there is a lot more than that up for grabs – and it is all due to more generous multiplier values!

Free Games with the Lot!

When you play Pyramid Pets video slot online at Golden Euro, we have already established you bank loads of cash on one paid spin. Here is the even better news, folks. The cascading wins feature and the pharaoh multiplier feature are embedded in the free games round.

All you have to do is land 3 cat paw scatters from left to right on an active payline and you are awarded 10 free games. Winning game tiles explode and pay outs flow freely into your betting account – as they do in regular play.

In this tranche of complimentary gaming, prize multipliers are boosted in value. They start at 3 x and culminate in a massive 15 x the posted payout. Using the top 2,500 x prize on the pay table as the benchmark, that means you can win 37,500 x the line bet.

What is that in real money? When you take the betting range of $0.40 to $5 a spin and reduce it to the $0.02 to $0.25 payline wager, you can win up to $9,375. That is for landing five pink cats on at least the third consecutive cascade in the free games round.

Achieve the same configuration in the base game and the prize drops to $3,125. The reason being the highest available multiplier value is reduced from 15 x to 5 x.

In theory, the maximum payout in Pyramid Pets slot is 50,000 x the bet per line. That converts to a cool $12,500 in hard cash! Now wouldn’t you want a chance to add that to your winnings at Golden Euro Casino?

Play Pyramid Pets at Golden Euro

Pyramid Pets has it all – with the exception of the monotonous audio that really can lull you to hypnotic dreams of winning. The cartoon-style characters with their enormous eyes are appealing. The graphics are richly coloured and quite beautiful. As for the games’ functionality, everything works as it should.

It is a medium volatility online slot, so you can expect the risk and reward ratio to be pretty evenly matched. A frequently appearing wild, in tandem with the multiplier-enriched cascading wins feature, ensures there is always money going into your account to offset the bets going out.

The key is to wait for the free games round to trigger. That can take a while so it is a good idea to have sufficient funds at your disposal to see it through. Once you have unlocked the complimentary gaming with its souped up prize multipliers, there is a good chance of gaining a small profit.

Pyramid Pets may not be the most exciting nor the highest paying online casino game at Golden Euro – not by a long shot. That said, it is fun and the theme is kind of unique for an Ancient Egyptian slot. Let us not forget a top prize of $12,500 to keep you in the hunt!